The Electronic on the GNUBoat



Bill of Materials

Amount Unit Part Type Description Manufacturer Item Number
1 Piece Power Converter DC/DC Converter Output 5V, 2A Traco Power TSR 2-2450
1 Piece Power Converter DC/DC Converter Output 12V, 0,6A Traco Power TEL 8-1212
1 Piece Tumbler Tumbler 3A MS 500AVT
1 Piece PCB Stripboard Epoxyd, 160x100mm, 2,54mm Grid Rademacher UP 832EP
1 Piece USB-Hub USB-Hub (Powered)
1 Piece USB Cable USB-Micro Cable
1 m Cable Cable for building the power distribution

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Version 2.0


Sailing, paddling and motoring Open Data enthusiasts, traveling the inshore and coastal waters, are faced with the challange of providing large amounts of data, namely depth and sea floor nature, which is not recordable with regular smart phones. This data is needed to make real use of open maps for sailors. Sea floor nature is complicated to track, especially below 1-2m. However, it is not so important below this depth as most leisure boats, including sailing boats, feature a draught <= 2m.

This project aims at lowering the barrier to contribute measurements that are done anyway during a cruise. This project provide an easy means to collect, store and contribute this data to an existing database of cruise tracks containing depth measures.

The target is to create a shield compatible to the RPI pinning and mechanical specifications as they are implemented by RPI 2 and RPI 3 devices. This should enable an easy to assemble, yet mechanically compact and robust unit. Depending on housing and cabling it may even be possible to use it in rough environments.

The (optional) hardware features as e.g. mobile network interface / 2nd wireless interface may be used for more advanced on-board infrastructure services, e.g. bridging and routing to port or mobile networks. Implemented within dedicated virtual environments on one platform may provide safe, yet flexible on-board internet access.


Requested Sensors/ Features

  • RTC
  • GPS (Optional external antenna)
  • IMU
  • TEMP
  • CAN (SocketCAN)
  • Pressure
  • Wireless LAN (Hotspot)

Optional Sensors/ Features (in Prio)

  1. SPI
  2. IIC
  3. AIS tuner
  4. Battery Sensor (voltage level / coulomb counter)
  5. Mobile Network
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